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  15th Annual Conference ISHKS 2022
Date : 8,9,10 April 2022
To increase knowledge of hip and knee joint in health and disease
To promote highest level of professional standard in patient care in disorders of hip and knee joints.
To create optimum environment to facilitate education research and treatment in the surgery of Arthritic hip and knee joints.
To determine the optimal standard for education of fellows in the surgery of Arthritic hip and knee.
To promote members ethically.
To create a joint replacement registry for the purpose of research.
Section A) Membership
There shall be five categories of membership of the association: founder members, life members, members, honorary members and corporate members.
Section B) Requirements
There will be basic requirement for all categories of membership..
Section C) Contingency
Membership shall be contingent upon compliance with the Bye Laws of Association.
Section D) Size
The size of the membership shall be unlimited, except founder members.
Section E) Fees & Dues
There will be basic requirement for all categories of membership..
Section F) Founder Members
Following are the founder members
01. Dr. J.A. Pachore (Bombay) 02. Dr. Ashok Rajgopal (Delhi)
03. Dr. Vikram Shah (Ahmedabad) 04. Dr. Suryanarayan P. (Chennai)
05. Dr. Arun Mullaj (Bombay) 06. Dr. S.K.S. Marya (Delhi)
07. Dr. Rajesh Maniar (Bombay) 08. Dr. Sanjay Agarwala (Bombay)
09. Dr. S.V.Vaidya (Bombay) 10. Dr. Surya Bhan (Delhi)
11. Dr. Harish Bhende (Bombay) 12. Dr. A.V.Gurava Reddy (Hyderabad)
13. Dr. P. B. Bhosle (Bombay) 14. Dr. H.P.C.Khincha (Bangalore)
15. Dr. P. K. Banerjee (Kolkatta) 16. Dr. C.J.Thakkar (Bombay)
17. Dr. Parag Sancheti (Pune) 18. Dr. Dimple R Parekh (Ahmedabad)
19. Dr. H.P.Balodia (Ahmedabad) 20. Dr. Ajay Seth (Jabalpur)
21. Dr. Dilip Patel (Ahmedabad) 22. Dr. Deepak Dave (Ahmedabad)
23. Dr. Chetan J.Unadkat (Bombay) 24. Dr. Hemant Wakankar (Pune)
25. Dr. Rajasekearan (Coimbatore) 26. Dr. Agrawal Shekhar (Delhi)
Section G) Life Members
1.) Eligibility for life membership.
a) An orthopedic surgeon living in India, who has interest and knowledge of hip and knee joint in health and / or arthritic conditions,
b) He should have performed at least 30 hip or knee replacements or osteotomies around hip & knee in the past one year.
c) Potential member who fulfils requirement and whose application has been supported by two life members or one founder members
2.)Rights and duties of active members.
a) Can vote.
b) Can serve on committees.
c) Can hold official post.
d) Must attend at least every third meeting of association.
e) Must maintain good professional and ethical standing in their community.
Section H) Members
a) Individuals who are involved in and who have interest in the hip & knee surgeries.
b) Members can be promoted to Life member by executive board. (One life member or one founder member signatures are required).
c) Rights & Duties
i) Cannot serve on executive board.
ii) Must maintain good professional & ethical standards in their community.
iii) Cannot vote.
iv) Must attend at least every third meeting of association.
Section I) Honorary Members
Individual, whom association feels worthy of special acknowledgement due to notable contribution in the field of hip and knee disease. They may not attend scientific meeting or pay dues or fees. They have no power to vote. They cannot attend official business meeting. They need not pay registration fees for scientific meeting. This honorary membership is by invitation of executive board. (Any member who is life member becomes Honorary at the age of 65 yrs.)
Section J) Corporate Members
Any corporate company who has active interest in maintaining research activities in the field of hip & knee arthritis. The drug related (pharma) and Biotechnology Company can become member. The application will be screened by research committee. The membership will be in the form of diamond, gold and silver. Their contribution of membership will be decided by executive board. At present contribution will be diamond – 5lakhs, Gold – 3lakhs and silver- one lakh. The priority of research trial will be given to corporate members. The membership is only for 3 years and it should be renewed with repayment of membership fees. The amount of membership fee will be decided from time to time by research group. These members will have no right to vote or hold any official post of this association. Research committee will have right to review and renew their membership fee in future.
Section K) Selection of members (for life members & members)
a.) Potential member who fulfils requirements and whose application has been supported by two life members or one founder member.
b.) Application will be approved by executive board.
Section L) Notification of Membership
All new members of all categories shall be notified of their membership status by secretary of the association. The copy of motto, byelaws, certificate & “MEMBERSHIP” card will be issued by the secretary.
Section M) Termination of Membership
a) Member in good standing may resign at any time and for any reason.
b) Members who have failed to attend one of three consecutive annual scientific meeting will automatically cease to be members.
c) Member whose conduct has been objectionable enough to debar of membership or registration to practice by State medical council or Medial Council of India has been cancelled will have their membership automatically terminated.
Executive Board
Section A Composition
Total numbers shall not exceed 15.
a.) Life member of association who is member for more than 3 yrs can apply for promotion to this category.
b.) Member’s name should be nominated by nominating committee.
c.) Election will be held by secret ballot in attendance or through web site as will be decided by Executive board.
d.) The members at large shall not be eligible for re-election to this board.
Duties of Executive Board
1.) Executive board shall serve as the administrative authority of the association and shall consider all its activities and determine its policies.
2.) Executive board shall receive and consider the reports of committees and review their activities and shall direct the secretary.
a.) Secretary and Treasurer shall prepare an annual report and review the work of previous year.
b.) Executive board shall meet at least once every year.
c.) Executive board will decide all fees, annual dues of scientific meeting.
d.) Executive board shall review proposed scientific program of annual meeting and may approve or disapprove of such program.
e.) Executive Board will decide about the venue of the scientific meeting –over the next 7 years meeting should be in the following cities –Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad . After 7 years it will be decided by the executive board as per requirement of association.
f.) Executive board will deal with corporate ethically –To coordinate with corporate bodies regarding inventories which need to be maintained at or supplied to even the smallest set up.
Duties of the Office Bearers
The office bearers are- President, 1st vice president, 2nd vice president, 3rd vice president, secretary and treasurer.
1) President
a) Will preside over all the scientific meetings, functions and meetings of executive Board.
b) He shall serve as executive member. c) He will be member of all committees.
d) He shall fill up the vacancies, subject to approval of executive board.
e) He shall be empowered to act for the association in the event of any contingency not covered by the Bye Laws.
f) Tenure 1 year.
g) Will alone address the media on behalf of the association.
2) 1st Vice President
a) Shall preside at meeting of association or executive board meeting in absence of president.
b) Shall assume duties of president in the event of death, resignation or incapacity of president.
c) Shall succeed as president at the close of annual meeting of association.
d) Tenure 1year.
e) He shall serve as executive member.
   2nd Vice President
a) Succeeds 1st Vice President in the event of death, resignation or incapacity.
b) He will succeed to office as 1st Vice President at closure of annual meeting of association.
c) Tenure 1 year.
d) He shall serve as executive member.
   3rd Vice President
a) Succeeds the 2nd Vice- President in the event of death, resignation or incapacity.
b) He shall succeed to the office of 2nd Vice-President at the close of the annual meeting. (Election is for 3rd Vice President and candidate eligibility- He should have served for at least three yrs in executive board.)
c) He shall be elected by members through ballot or website.
d) Tenure 1year. e) He shall serve as executive member.
3) Secretary
a) Shall carry all official correspondence of association.
b) Keep all the records of membership, association meetings, committee meetings and executive board meetings.
c) Keep the roster of members of attendance of all meetings.
d) Shall send out notices of meetings to all the members of association and shall conduct such other correspondence as may be requested by president or by Executive Board.
e) He shall be ex-officio member of all committees
f) Shall present report of activities of the association to the Executive Board.
g) Shall notify all committee members about their appointments.
h) Shall notify candidates of their election to membership and will distribute certificate of membership and copy of Bye Laws.
i) He will be supported financially by association for secretarial help, stationary, postage and other miscellaneous expenditure.
j) Tenure 3 years.
k) He shall serve as executive member.
4) The Treasurer
a) Shall see that all the funds, which are received, are deposited in such a bank, which is approved by the executive board.
b) Shall pay all bills of association and keep the account of receipts and expenditures.
c) Shall present financial report at each annual executive board meeting.
d) Shall be custodian of all saleable property of the association.
e) Shall prepare annual budget of association.
f) Tenure 3 years.
g) He shall serve as executive member.
A) Membership Committee :-
a) Prepare application form for membership and distribution.
b) Consider corporate application for membership.
c) Investigate all credentials and qualifications of applicants
d) Shall recommend candidates for active membership to Executive board.
e) Applications, which are rejected by the membership committee, are subject to be reviewed by the executive Board.
f) Committee will consist of one head of committee and two other members.
g) Tenure 2 years.
h) Head of the committee is nominated by President and three vice Presidents.
B) Educational Committee :-
The committee shall consist of three active members with one of them as head of the committee and their term will be for two years. The head of the committee is appointed by research committee. The other two members will be elected. Duties
a) Theme the program for annual meeting and final approval by Executive board.
b) Arrange and conduct all aspects of annual meeting of association.
c) Plan and coordinate the educational activities of association.
d) Shall lay down guidelines for the format and content of the publication of papers presented at scientific meeting.
e) Head of the committee is nominated by President and three vice Presidents.
C) Nominating Committee :-
Nominating committee will prepare Status of Candidates for election for the next annual meeting.
a) Election will be for 3rd Vice President & Committee members (not Heads)
b) Composition consists of three members with one as head of the committee.
c) Head of the committee is nominated by President and three vice Presidents.
d) The committee tenure will be for 2 years.
i. The nominating committee will prepare a status of candidate for election for next annual meeting.
ii. Election will be for
1. Third Vice-President
2. Membership committee member
3. Educational committee member
4. Nominating committee member
5. Fellowship committee member
6. Legal Committee member
7. Secretary
8. Treasurer
D) Members at large :-
Members at large will make the quorum complete. They have all right to vote in executive board. They can only apply for any position in executive board after three years.
E) Ad Hoc Committee
Ad. Hoc committee (i.e. Bye law committee) may be appointed at the discretion of the president or by the Executive board .
1. Dr.Surya Bhan- Delhi
2. Dr. J. A. Pachore - Mumbai.
3. Dr.Rajgopal- Delhi
4. Dr.Vikram Shah –Ahmedabad
5. Dr.Surya Narayan – Chennai.
6. Dr.Banerjee – Kolkata.
First five years the research committee will function with above six members without any change.
1. Members: The total number of members should not exceed more than seven.Ex-officio (after the term) the President automatically becomes the member of the research committee.
2. Tenure: The tenure for each member will be three years. Any member who turns 65 will retire , even if he has not completed his three years of tenure.
3. Appointment: After three years a senior member who retires and his post will be filled by mutual discussion between President and three Vice Presidents. There will be no elections for research committee posts.
4. Duties:
a) Conduct/ audit trials prospective studies
b) Funding allocation
c) Corporate funding and donation
d) Endorse all monitory transactions as suggested by executive board
e) Must meet twice a year at least four members should be present to complete the quorum
G) Fellowship Committee
There will be two types of fellowship one will be a six weeks and second is three months. The criteria for selection guidelines-Three years after post graduation(M.S./D.N.B.), two life members references, consideration will be given to those who have assisted or seen or done joint replacement surgery. The candidates who have facilities to perform or set up joint replacement centers can be given priorities. The candidates will be given 10,000/- per month as a stipend or as appropriate at that time. It will be mandatory for a candidate to submit a research paper to the committee chair and may be presented at the research committee meeting or the annual meeting.
H) Legal Committee:
This will look after the requirement of the members regarding litigation pertaining to hip and knee replacement surgery. It will also suggest possible ways of protecting the members against litigation. This will be done by formation of permanent legal cell in future.
A) Accounts :-
a) Financial year of Indian Society of hip and knee surgeons shall end on thirty first March every year.
b) The account duly audited shall be presented to the executive board subsequently.
c) Should not this be possible for whatsoever reason the executive board can on the request of the President defer consideration of the accounts to the next executive board meeting.
B) Subscription :-
Subscription in all forms viz. membership fees, annual subscription to journal etc shall be decided by the executive board.
C) Operating accounts :-
a) The operating bank should be nationalized bank
b) All the accounts should be operated by secretary, treasurer and president. Any one person of the aforementioned three can sign cheques up to the sum of Rs.Ten thousand. Cheques from Rs Ten thousand to Twenty thousand will require signature of two persons of the aforementioned three. Cheques above Rs. Twenty thousand will require signature of all three aforementioned persons
Scientific Annual Meeting
1. Meeting should be for about one and half day – and once a year.
2. Meeting should be held by association only. The local chapter may help the meeting but meeting will not be under any local chapter.
3. No separate organization to conduct scientific meeting.
4. Event manager should be kept to reduce the burden of the organization.
5. All the money should go to organization.
6. The meeting will be conducted by education committee.
7. There will not be any presentation of mementoes during the meeting.
8. Attendance certificate will be issued at end of the meeting.
9. There will not be formal inauguration of the meeting.
10. Meeting will be opened by president – president address – 5 min
11. To assist meeting local organizer will be decided by the president and three vice presidents.
12. No valedictory function
13. Venue, faculty, programme will be decided by President , Three Vice Presidents and Education committee
Business Meeting (executive board and research committee)
1. This will be held at least once a year.
2. The meeting will be held at time of annual meeting.
3. The internal data, research data, new policy will be discussed.
4. This meeting will be attended only by executive members & research committee.
5. Any Executive member, Research committee member who fails to attend three consecutive meetings will cease to be a member of executive committee.
Amalgamation or dissolution of the trust will be done, only by sanction of a general body meeting with at least 2/5th quorum. If no quorum within fifteen minutes the meeting will be adjourned.
It shall be lawful for the trustees time to time to frame such rules and regulations for the management and administration of the trust, its institutions, and funds and its properties as they shall think fit and alter or vary the same from time to time and to make new rules and regulations provided the such rules and regulations shall not be inconsistent with the terms and intents of these presents. The trust hereby declared and created shall be and shall remain irrevocable from all times and the Settlor doth hereby release relinquish, surrender and determine his rights or power if any which may be regarded on having been reserved to her either by these presents or otherwise howsoever to restore to himself or to reclaim any interest in the trust and the investments for the time being representing the same or the income thereof TO THE INTENT that the trust fund may be held by the trustees upon the trusts and with the subject to the power ,provisions ,agreements and declaration contained in these presents to the entire exclusion of the Settlor and /or any benefit to the Settlor by contract or otherwise.
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