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  17th Annual Conference ISHKS 2024
Date : 5,6,7th April 2024
The ISHKS offers a consultant driven six months / one year fellowship program in joint replacement surgery. Interested candidates may approach the secretary, ISHKS at secishks@gmail.com, or the fellowship chair 1) Dr. Vaibhav Bagaria - drbagaria@gmail.com
2) Dr. Krishna Kiran -
kke1975@gmail.com, ISHKS, to apply to any one of the ISHKS accredited consultants to join the program. The consultants may have their individual requirements from the potential fellow and may take the fellow under their tutelage upon the candidate meeting those requirements. The stipend and accommodation will be an arrangement between the fellow and the consultants and the ISHKS will not be involved in the same. Upon the candidate having completed the fellowship to the satisfaction of the consultant, the ISHKS will issue the fellowship certificate to the candidate upon the consultant’s recommendation. The list of consultants who have been accredited by the ISHKS to take in fellows is:
Click here to download ISHKS Fellowship Structure
Sr. No. Consultant’s  Name City Email
1 Dr. Javahir A Pachore Ahmedabad japachore@rediffmail.com
2 Dr. Ashok Rajgopal Delhi japachore@rediffmail.com
3 Dr. Vikram Shah Ahmedabad drvikram@shalby.org
4 Dr. P. Suryanarayan Chennai pichai.suryanarayan@gmail.com
5 Dr. S V Vaidya Mumbai drsvv1@yahoo.com
6 Dr. Sanjay Agarwala Mumbai drsanjayagarwala@gmail.com
7 Dr. Sanjiv K S Marya Delhi sksmarya@yahoo.co.in
8 Dr. Rajesh Maniar Mumbai docrajeshmaniar@gmail.com
9 Dr. Annapareddy Gurava R Hyderabad guravareddy@gmail.com
10 Dr. Arun Mullaji Mumbai arunmullaji@gmail.com
11 Dr. Hemant Wakankar Pune hemantwakankar@gmail.com
12 Dr. Parag Sancheti Pune parag@sanchetihospital.org
13 Dr. Bose Vijay Chandra Chennai bose5vijay@gmail.com
14 Dr. Sharan Patil Bangalore drsharanpatil@sparshhospital.com
15 Dr. S Rajsekaran Coimbatore rajasekaran.orth@gmail.com
16 Dr.Chillakuru Rajasekhara Reddy Chennai rajchillakuru@hotmail.com
17 Dr. Dimple Parekh Ahmedabad drdimpleparekh@gmail.com
18 Dr. Dhanashekra Raja Coimbatore dhanasekararaja@gmail.com
19 Dr. Nilen Shah   drnilen@gmail.com
20 Dr. Vaibhav Bagaria   drbagaria@gmail.com
21 Dr. Pradeep Bhosale   drpradeepbhosale@gmail.com
22 Dr. Hargun Sangtani   hjsangtani@hotmail.com
23 Dr. Krishna Kiran   kke1975@gmail.com
24 Dr. Manuj Wadhwa   manuj.wadhwa@gmail.com
25 Dr. Sanjay Pai   pai_sanjay@rediffmail.com
26 Dr. Milind Patil   drmilindpatil@yahoo.com
27 Dr. A Prashad   drprasadas@gmail.com
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