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  17th Annual Conference ISHKS 2024
Date : 5,6,7th April 2024
The ISHKS would like to help you with your research idea by providing guidance and if found appropriate, with financial aid. All proposals submitted during a month will be reviewed by the research committee of the ISHKS during the first two weeks of the following month, and once a decision is taken, the same will be communicated with you accordingly. The decision taken by the committee will be final.
Please submit your research proposal by following the instructions below.
Please prepare a single word document containing the following pages.
  Page 1. Contact details including your name, phone number and e mail id for communication,
  and details of the institutions and authors and co-authors
  Page 2. Title
  Page 3 onwards for a maximum of 1500 words
  1. Abstract
  2. Aim
  3. Materials and methods
  4. Short discussion including clinical significance
  Kindly send your proposal as a single word document to research@ishks.com.
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